About Us

The goal here at Kamajelly.com has always been simple – to provide all the convenience of your direct street pharmacy to your door.

We understand the demands of people in modern society and that it may be difficult to access health services. We do not believe that a person’s health should be compromised due to a hectic lifestyle, we believe that health care can work around them.

Receiving orders for prescription drugs online is a legal and ethical requirement for a medical questionnaire to be completed by all patients.

We only supply medicines that have been manufactured by licensed companies, and all are checked for expiration date and lot number.

All this is your guarantee that you can rely on the safety and efficacy of any medication you receive from us.

Once the selected drugs have had their expiration date and batch number checked, one of the dispensary assistants checks the labels and paperwork by placing the labels on the drug packages and the padded bags on which they are placed.

Our innovative online pharmacy website means that we can safely dispense a wide range of medications, including over-the-counter and prescription treatments for the most common ailments and conditions.

Use our secure, simple and fully licensed online pharmacy to help you get the right treatment – fast. With medicines delivered to your home in discreet packaging and diplomatic billing options.

Kamajelly.com values ​​your privacy as well as your health.