The problem arose..

In 1988 impotence was renamed into erectile dysfunction. But it did not make it easier for men.

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Strange thing: men, according to feminists, are dominate in society, have taken the most attractive positions, live in clover, and still exploit them, unfortunately. Why, then, the average life expectancy of men is 10 years less than that of women? Why are they three times more likely to suffer from heart disease, one and a half times to mental and narcological disorders, twice to AIDS, and diseases associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, at least – seven times? Does it not prove the opposite – men are cornered, spoiled and oppressed.

Women have gynecologists, women’s consultations. The first state body responsible for protecting the health of women and children was established at the People’s Commissariat of Health in November 1917. Women’s health is officially the priority of WHO. And what do men have?

If a lady confesses that she has a problem on the female part, no moron will laugh at this. Why then did male insolvency become a favorite topic for anecdotes?

A screening study involving 25,000 men gave disappointing results. Erectile dysfunction was found in 56% of the examined. Sexually transmitted infections – in 44%, infertility – in 30% of men.

The average age of workers in the industrial sphere with such problems was 38.5 years. It would seem, what dysfunctions can there be at this age? Nonetheless, 63% of workers in oil production and 53% in non-ferrous metallurgy found violations of reproductive function.

Men’s health is an interdisciplinary problem, over which the urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, psychologist must work together. Erectile dysfunction is an early marker of other diseases. We refer to the authoritative leadership of the Princeton Consensus: all men with erectile dysfunction who do not have symptoms of heart disease should be considered a priori as cardiac patients until the opposite is proven. Since the blood vessels of male dignity have no fundamental differences from the coronary arteries of the heart.

Actually, many cores feel this connection without any scientific research. Some even refuse from sexual life for fear of earning a heart attack right on the bed of love.

These fears are somewhat exaggerated. First, the load in the usual coitus with an orgasm is approximately equal to walking for 20 minutes over a distance of 1,600 meters. Secondly, as statistics show, wives in this regard are relatively safe – 75% of heart attacks during sex happened in bed with their mistresses. And women, as a rule, were much younger than their partners, and before sex they used alcohol.

Men, experiencing similar problems, do not hurry to visit doctors. There are studies showing the direct relationship of erectile dysfunction with the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Men everywhere are the same – in the ice of Greenland or in the sands of the Sahara. Most of all, they are afraid of ridicule and doctors. Even the French, for whom L’amour is sacred, only in 9% of cases tell of their misfortune to the doctor.

In more than 90% of cases, a man with erectile dysfunction can help restore a full erection. The main thing in time to see a doctor and begin treatment. Elimination of this pathology is conservative and surgical.

One of the methods of conservative treatment is the appointment by the attending physician of special drugs to increase the potency. The most popular medicines based on sildenafil – an active ingredient such drugs like Kamagra. In the next article, we will examine in more detail all the advantages and disadvantages of such treatment.

The health of a man is the happiness of a woman. Take care of us!