What to eat and drink when using Kamagra?

Like any other drugs, Kamagra should be used with caution. Multiple precautious, contradictions, and predicaments are imperative to know when to use the drug. A proper diet helps both improve your sexuality and improve the effect of the drug.

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Great tips for Kamagra users

Ensuring the best possible outcome of drug use is your number one priority! We recommend that you follow these three simple steps:

  • Get physically and emotionally comfortable;
  • Do not rush;
  • Eat healthily.

The latter is often hard to attain for some men, but forming a diet that improves your sexual health is crucial. Kamagra effect feels completely different when supplemented with specific types of food or taken separately from other types of foods.

Food and Drugs – Working Together!

Medications can be affected by what we eat or not. It depends on the type of medication.

The instruction for the drug will always contain information on the interaction with food in case such interactions exist. Often, the medication is not affected by food and drink.

Most Rx drugs and even over-the-counter drugs are in conflict with alcohol, slow down when used with high-fat foods and may not produce the expected result when accompanied by nicotine. Obviously, the effect of the drug depends on a plethora of factors including the physiological parameters of the body, age and health of the individual. Some foods can adversely affect the process of adsorption in the body. Such foods are dairy products, sugar and cholesterol.

Kamagra does not interact with food directly, although its effect can be slowed down by a heavy meal. “Eat or not to eat?” This question is best answered by the patient himself. It is generally recommended to follow the chosen routine. If you like to eat before taking a pill – do it. If you like to take a pill on an empty stomach, do so. Try to avoid changing your choices. Following the same routine allows your body to adapt to the drug faster.

The interactions of food with Kamagra are completely individual and have not been thoroughly studied. Some men reported that a good meal significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects. Other men said the exact opposite, reporting a weaker erection and upset stomach when combining food and Kamagra.

Your sex life begins at the table!

Oatmeal is your best friend

Some doubt the oatman’s ability to improve his sexual desire. The combination of nutrients and vitamins enriched with fiber, healthy fats and minerals will make you vigorous and energetic in bed. At the same time, healthy ingredients will not conflict with Kamagra. Oatmeal is your best bite before sex! Combined with Kamagra will make you a much better lover!

Grapefruit is a big NO!

Usually the use of drugs along with highly acid foods like citrus, tomatoes and vinegar is not recommended. Eating in small amounts, such ingredients unlikely conflict with medications, but you can certainly overeat the fruits. Grapefruits can negatively affect the body and the Kamagra effect worsen its half-life and disruption of natural metabolic processes.

In order to avoid side effects and negative consequences, you should consider separating grapefruit and Kamagra or eliminating the fruits of your diet altogether.

Consulting with your doctor or dietitian is usually a good idea. A specialist will help you determine the correct dose of the drug based on the specifics of your own diet.

Do not even think about fatty foods!

Foods high in fat are far from being healthy. Too much fat means more bad cholesterol and abundant amounts of Omega-6 acids. This leads to obesity which makes erectile dysfunction a reality, even for sexually healthy men. Do not eat fatty foods.

At the same time, fats significantly slow down the effect of Kamagra making erection harder to achieve.

Drinking is a bad idea!

Some people can not separate alcohol from romance. The popular media made it look like a romantic evening should simply be accompanied by a bottle of wine. However, it is not true in the first place. Alcohol is a minor vasodilator and can increase the effect of Kamagra on blood pressure that drops to a dangerous level.

Obviously, some side effects are more likely to occur in patients who drink alcohol. Dizziness, headache and unusually low blood pressure are common side effects of Kamagra, but will occur more often when the medication is taken with alcohol. In order to avoid some problems, consider separating alcohol and Kamagra. Keep in mind that you can have a glass of wine, just do not drink too much. Care is advised.

Keep in mind that red wine is a stronger vasodilator and can affect sildenafil-based medications more than other types of alcoholic beverages.

Eat Smart – Get Hard!

A healthy diet is the basis for a better life. This is fair to all “types” of health. With less fats in your diet and a better nutritional plan, you will prevent diabetes and obesity by significantly reducing the risk of ED. Difficulties with erection will be less annoying, if you manage your diet and eat foods that enhance the effect of ED treatment drugs.

How to eat smart makes erection hard?

Vascular system. The condition of your arteries and blood vessel system in general defines the quality of the erection. High cholesterol makes your vascular system weaker and unstable. Eating watermelons, small amounts of citrus, and eliminating excess cholesterol from your diet are the best ways to normalize your vascular system and improve the effect of Kamagra.

Heart. The condition of this organ is crucial for proper erection and safe sex life. The unhealthy diet is the direct path to heart disease and problems related to heart rate. You can make your heart better by adding some great healthy foods to your diet: sugar-free or low-sugar chocolate and coca make perfect additions to the nutrition plan that adds a packet of foods and flavonoids that make your heart more strong. Keep in mind that dark chocolate is preferable, while sugary milk chocolate should be avoided.

Erectile function. There are foods that directly affect your erection. Pistachios provide nutrients and omega-3 fats and this package comes with a great taste easily identifiable. Unlike many other types of products, pistachios were tested by Kamagra users. These nuts positively affected the health of the patients and made the effect of Kamagra more noticeable. Pistachios are ideal additions to any diet plan. Just be sure not to overeat these nuts, which are full of calories.

How to take Kamagra?

Now, eating smart is not enough. You need to consume the medication appropriately. Make sure you do not consume it along with acid juices or hot drinks like coffee and tea. Drink a glass of water instead of alcohol.

Again, stick to your regular routine when it comes to Kamagra. Decide once and for all if you want to take the medicine on an empty stomach or along with food.

Generally, foods do not counteract the effect of Kamagra or improve significantly, but a proper diet can certainly make a difference.

The individual specificities of your metabolism can change the way your body reacts to certain foods. Every man is special and you need to choose the right combination of drugs and foods for yourself!